Velo Bike Time Trial p/b Specialized Mexico


The entrance to Velo Bike Time Trial p/b Specialized Mexico, which is part of the Gran Fondo Riviera Nayarit 2017 weekend (GFRN) is open to riders aged 15 or older. Registration can be made online at Participants under the age of 18 must have permission from our parent or legal guardian. Online registration will close on November 21. GFRN has the right to change the price of registration, numbers of participants and final date of entry.

Each participant is responsible to have a sufficient insurance coverage and make sure that your health is right for the event.

Tickets are not refundable or transferable.

GFRN reserves the right to refuse entry and revoke registration to any applicant, at any time, and / or disqualify any participant of the race.

Bikes and Equipment

The following are not permitted for safety reasons:  recumbent bikes or bikes with chair seats (unless they are athletes with disabilities), tricycles or single speeds with a fixed gear. At the discretion of GFRN, bicycles considered unsafe may be prohibited at any time during the event.

TT Bikes / Aero-bars will be permitted for participants of the Time Trial. 

Participants must wear a helmet throughout the race without exception.

The Gran Fondo number plate is not required for the Time Trial.

The number for the jersey is required and mandatory. It shall be placed on the back pockets of the jersey. Any alteration of the number may result in disqualification.

All participants must bring a spare inner tubes and an air pump or CO2 cartridge. Cyclists are responsible for their own bike repairs and tube changes.

Headphones are not allowed.

The Start

The start is at 7:30 am on Saturday November 25, 2017 at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle in front of the Alamar Condominium project.

Cyclists will not be permitted to start without a valid 2016 number plate and jersey number.

A starting list will be posted online two days before the event. It will also be posted at the location of the race package pick-up.

Please check your departure time and arrive 20 minutes prior. Riders who arrive past their start time will not be eligible to participate in the race.

Order of departure:*

7:30 AM - All participants - Individuals to depart in one minute intervals

* Order of departure is an estimate only and subject to change based on final number of participants. Please check the starting list online two days prior to the event

Competition & Categories

All participants will be timed with a chip from start to finish. 


Individual Time Trial 

The Individual Time Trial will be one rider against the clock. There will be a male and female category further categorized by ages. 

Men / Women 

  • 15 - 17 (Junior)
  • 18-29
  • 30 - 39
  • 40 - 49
  • 50 - 59
  • 60+


Prizes  will be awarded to the fastest three riders  in each age category.

Prizes will be awarded to the fastest teams in each of the combined age categories.

All riders on each team will receive a participation medal.

Conduct and Respect

Each cyclists must obey all laws including signalling, traffic lights and stop signs, unless waived through by police. Violators can be fined by the local police and / or disqualified from the event.

In the event that a team or an individual catches another team or rider in front of them, the slower team or rider shall yield to the right and the faster team or rider shall pass on the left hand side only. Please take extreme care when passing. Please call out your intention to pass the slower team or rider

There is not drafting of another team or individual rider allowed. Please remain 5 meters back until it is safe to pass. Teams and / or riders who do not adhere to this rule may be disqualified by GFRN.

Any participant who present a danger to other riders may be disqualified by GFRN.

Providing any type of physical assistance of a cyclists it is prohibited in all categories.

Personal support cars are not allowed.

No rider shall disrespect other cyclists, race directors, officers, employees, volunteers and spectators.

Violence, foul language or abusive behavior during the event resulted in the disqualification of the participant. 

Any participant who passed a cyclist who is clearly injured or in difficulty should stop to help. The rider can continue if the participant is fine or if medical personnel have arrived.

All participants of the Gran Fondo Riviera Nayarit should be committed to protecting our precious environment. Discard your trash only in designated places or at the feed stations. Urinating in public is prohibited.


All participants expressly agree to sign a "waiver" and that those who participate under these rules do so at their own risk. No liability shall be born by GFRN or any of its officers with respect to any loss or damage suffered or caused by anyone competing or participating in GFRN.

Other Information

The rules can be modified at the discretion of GFRN.

The prize distribution will be at the discretion of GFRN.

All results are final. The participant should be familiar with the rules of the event and the route before the event