Bici Bucerias Christmas Cross | December 23, 2017

Taking place Saturday morning before Christmas, this will be a mixed terrain ride that will include sand, cobble, dirt and pavement. There will be two distances to choose from. The long distance of 105 km and the short distance of 70 km. This ride will take us east of Bucerias through the valley and to Fortuna de Vallejo. The short distance will turn at Fortuna after tackling a short but challenging cobble climb to the town center. The riders who opt to take on the long distance will continue on toward Alta Vista. The terrain is mixed with dirt, sand and very steep cobble climbs. 

This is an organized and supported group ride which is meant to be fun. There will be no formal timing and no categories. However, athletes are encouraged to join STRAVA where you can upload your ride and go for some of the KOM segments along the route. 

The ride will start at 7:30 AM sharp at Rancho Los Pinos 5 km outside of Bucerias. We will organize in three groups - Fast, tempo and chill. Please start with the group that makes sense for you.

In past years we have put on a formal Gran Fondo event. With the increase in similar events across the country and the rest of North America, we decided to change to a more informal but organized group ride format as well as put on more rides throughout the year. 

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What is included? 

This series is about keeping things simple and fun and the entry fee low. Timing or chips, T-shirts, jerseys are NOT INCLUDED. The entry fee will cover the hydration and feed stations, roving VeloGuides, SAG support, food and drink after the ride.

The Start

Please show up at 7:00 am to sign in and confirm your entry. 

The start is at 7:30 am at Rancho Los Pinos

Cyclists will not be permitted to ride with the group without a valid rider registration and waiver

 Bici bucerias christmas cross start and finish | rancho los pinos

Bici bucerias christmas cross start and finish | rancho los pinos

Bici Bucerias Christmas Cross | Long Course

 Bici Bucerias Christmas cross | long course

Bici Bucerias Christmas cross | long course

Bici Bucerias Christmas Cross | Short Course

Stay tuned for map and Strava data. The short course is definitely more approachable and even on the dirt section and cobble one can use a standard road bike. Minimum tyre size of 28s highly recomended. 


The entrance to Bici Bucerias Gran Fondo ride (Ride) is open to riders aged 18 or older. Registration can be made online at Online registration will close on December 18th. Bici Bucerias has the right to change the price of registration, numbers of participants and final date of entry.

Each participant is responsible to have a sufficient insurance coverage and make sure that your health is right for the event.

Tickets are not refundable or transferable.

Bici Bucerias reserves the right to refuse entry and revoke registration to any applicant, at any time, and / or disqualify any participant of the race.

Bikes and Equipment

Participants must wear a helmet throughout the ride without exception.


So we can identify participants of the Ride, please affix the seat post number to your seat post and the helmet sticker to the front of your helmet.

THERE WILL BE NO MECHANICAL SUPPORT. All participants must bring a spare inner tubes and an air pump or CO2 cartridge. Cyclists are responsible for their own bike repairs and tube changes.

Headphones are not allowed.

Ride Package Pick Up

Ride package pick up and confirmation will take place the day before the ride (Friday December 22nd) at Bici Bucerias located at Lazaro Cardenas #40 in Bucerias. Stop by between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 PM

Competition & Categories

There will be no formal timing nor categories. This is a group ride. We encourage the participants to join STRAVA and download their ride data.


There will be no awards for the Christmas Cross. However, check out some of the Strava segments and give it your best! We will give you major KUDOS!!!

Conduct and Respect

Each cyclists must obey all laws including signalling, traffic lights and stop signs, unless waived through by police. Violators can be fined by the local police and / or disqualified from the event.

Any participant who present a danger to other riders may be disqualified by Bici Bucerias.

Personal support cars are not allowed.

No rider shall disrespect other cyclists, race directors, officers, employees, volunteers and spectators.

Violence, foul language or abusive behavior during the event resulted in the disqualification of the participant. 

Any participant who passed a cyclist who is clearly injured or in difficulty should stop to help. The rider can continue if the participant is fine or if medical personnel have arrived.

All participants of the Ride should be committed to protecting our precious environment. Discard your trash only in designated places or at the feed stations. Urinating in public is prohibited.


All participants expressly agree to sign a "waiver" and that those who participate under these rules do so at their own risk. No liability shall be born by Bici Bucerias or any of its officers with respect to any loss or damage suffered or caused by anyone competing or participating in the Ride.

Other Information

The rules can be modified at the discretion of Bici Bucerias.

The prize distribution will be at the discretion of Bici Bucerias.

Remember. This is an organized and supported group ride. It is meant to be fun!